November 15, 2023 - Publication of the book born from Confiance-Partage

The adventure continues.......

I thought I'd finished with the Association. I proposed to write on the Blog from time to time, to put my thoughts on paper. Then my then-wife and a friend of hers suggested suggested I write about my life. They thought it interesting, knowing a little about my background.

I started a few chapters, but I wasn't too inspired. You will see that the first part was a bit laborious. I preferred to leave it as it was.

Then I thought I'd write about our lives instead. The life of all men and women, in the sense that our origins are common and our destiny perhaps too. That's the second part.

Here, important events brought my writing to a screeching halt (the death of my wife and the reorientation of my life). But above all that I was completely at a loss for ideas for what to do next.

A little book given to me by Samia in 2022 got me going again in the adventure. I had a plan for the third part.

Writing the first three parts then helped enormously my understanding of the "picture" that was taking shape in my creative soul. Could this be God's plan for his creation ?... I became more and more convinced.

And in fact, in Part Four, I share my innermost thoughts with you so that you can better understand my interpretation of reality in the light of my own experience.

Finally, the last part, written in four days, after having the book (or so I thought) is a scream. This cry comes from my pain at seeing the human race go off the rails. I was angry. And it had to come out !

And to complete the picture, a few modern songs (or not) reworked by my « pen ».

For those who wish, they can purchase the book from the printer Coollibri : bruno-krieger-belgroum/good-news_549451

You can also ask me for it. And/or I can provide you a digital ePub3 version by download.

The digital version is 70% cheaper (3 euros) and the book+ePub3 is 11 euros.

Enclosed is a free downloadable Audio version in French.

All I have to do now is wish you happy reading...